How I knew he was a keeper

We all have those moments when we just “know” someone is worth all the trouble, when everything falls in sync and my eyelashes begin to blink slowly— as my heart double-dutches-, and butterflies blow bubbles. I imagine our fairy tale together as he kisses my forehead and we walk into the field of sunflowers and lavender holding warm hands. I comprised a list of moments that have in the past or (hopefully in the future) would or have made my chipper heart shake up and go pitter-patter… or in my case, made me wanna karaoke. They happen to be simply-complex, but that’s not unusual.

1. He brings me tea without asking if I “need” tea

There’s nothing like a subtle acknowledgement of “hey I know you’re working hard, and I support you,” as my eyes are red cherries staring at the laptop. Besides, nothing says I love you like a man who remembers the way I like my hot tea or coffee. Especially when he remembers that I’m lactose intolerant.

2. He touches me, then disappears

What is it about the mystery? The suspense. The agony of it. To be touched intimately, delicately, the brush of a hand, an eye glance and a high-five, even a foot rub when I’ve declared I don’t need one. The act of touching is so sensual and special, but the act of leaving me alone afterwards for a short while… keeps my mind looking forward to when he returns. Go ahead, leave me be, and then return for nibble noses, or, return with tea.

3. He compliments random things

Flattery gets you everywhere and anywhere, but what about the unexpected compliment? I find it so much more believable and detailed when a significant other can compliment the hearts in the dangle of my earrings, or when he tells me  “ you made an informed or wise decision,” one that he agrees with. When a person can shoot out specifics it means he pays attention, it means he’s actually awake in his life, and he’s also staying awake in your life together.

4. He doesn’t hold any mistakes against me

We are all these perfectly shimmering angels made of sugar-cake castles, aren’t we? No. I like when “my keeper,” understands a mistake I’ve made, acknowledges it maturely, or immaturely—and then grows up from it to discuss it; approach different ways of solving it, and then implements my forgiveness the next day with one tiny white rose, Coldstone ice cream, or a post it note as confirmation that everything is going back to its natural order.

5. He does ALL of the “man jobs,” and more importantly can get by without minding most of the “woman jobs”

He’s a protector, provider, and companion—usually yes. In most cases I won’t bother wondering why the average man doesn’t put on an apron and get cookin’ but I would like to know he won’t fall asleep with the beans on the stove top and wake to thick black smoke as our kitchen explodes. I’m pretty much old-fashioned and don’t mind the cooking, or cleaning… although there is nothing more attractive than a shirtless man, a vacuum cleaner, and a quirky smile. Kudos if he irons.


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