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Raining Eyelashes

i miss you tied in a knot on any finger

taking pictures, painting somersaults

writing like there’s a kite string at the end of your pen

magic that gives my heart sequins

and because i know you’re gone

i can do 1 of 2 things

dangle for a while

or look for your theatrics

in everything that i do:

i hello to the birds

i discuss my future with my laptop.

i want to swallow your air a bit more

back pedal around your imagination

skip toward senseless endlessness.

one day it rained your eyelashes

you tickled in my pocket

there was something exploding in the inside

but it was just the opposite

i counted on things with you

like constellations in a lollipop

a sunflower in a cup.

but i wake up and i still can’t reach

and as you back away you wink.



“Raining Eyelashes” is dedicated to douglas.





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