Too Full Because I’m Definitely Not Empty or Writing Web Store Launching Soon















Don’t you just hate it when people start sentences and don’t finish them?

  • Go back on their word?
  • How close is make-believe to lies?
  • Leave the toilet seat up so I can fall my tail in?
  • Trip wires… have we asked questions that we thought we knew the answers to?
  • Have your answers changed?
  • Lately, perhaps?
  • But as long as they were creative?
  • Are you breathing into a wrinkled brown bag about it right now?
  • Were you swamped in papers, falling asleep across the laptop, or delegating deadlines to your writers?
  • How was it really?
  • All about perspective or perseverance?
  • Respect or reciprocity?
  • Love or adoration?
  • Have you tried cooking with avocado oil—it’s so frikkin yummy>?
  • Hook line or sunk and I don’t fail anything. What have you done?
  • Was it everything or nothing and did you give it up screaming or jumping, a run-on sentence or bluffing, an agent or self-publishing? What are my choices again? Why do I wake up with these words in my head in my head in my head all the day long?
  • P.s the book is done. Watch out world here I, uhm?

P.s. Shhsssshhhhhhh My writing web store is opening soon!!!

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