Creativeconfusion is now accepting guest post submissions!!!

Please send submissions of poetry (1 piece per submission) or creative nonfiction (between 300-500 words) on a relationship issue or confusion— (hence creative confusion). I’d prefer it if your piece is supported with a quote, artistic drawing, humor, research, and/or picture to make it fun!

The more popular blog posts I’ve had have included a bit of personal story, as I do mainly focus on nonfiction work. In the post, I ask that it not causelessly address race/politics/religion, as I’d like to keep the site as open to as many audiences as possible… but definitely male-bashing or uplifting is warranted. The more unique and less talked about—the more likely I am to like it. I’d give you complete creative freedom for your post, but definitely read the older ones so you can see what falls in line. They’ll be a link to your site and I’ll tweet your post for exposure. I’ll respond to you within one week, yay or nay. Other than that— bring it!

Please send with it your bio of accomplishments in 50 words or less to

Thanks you for reading Creativeconfusion, and I look forward to receiving your feature.

Lalanii R. Grant



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