Earth Girls For The Win! Foxy Vintage

My client Foxy Vintage and I have a wonderful real-ationship. She has the prettiest vintage wears. Like no, really vintage, and they’re utterly gorgeous. And I… am lucky enough to have been hired to tell the world about them.

As her Fashion Description Writer, I’ve created many fashionably elevated stories designed to add emphasis to her already perky designs. And O heavens was it fun!

I talk about jumpers, skirts, and cardigans like these:








I had to find a way to blend my love for fashion as I’ve worked as a Visual Merchandiser at Forever21, and in Visual Merchandising for Abercrombie & Fitch as well. Fashion Styling was great, but my love, my ultimate love… is in Web Work and Writing. I gathered a few associates and we teamed up as Editors, and now we take clients that would like SEO rich fashion or product descriptions to enhance their websites. I have found the perfect balance.

In this post I have to give thanks to those few that have worked tirelessly to help me meet deadlines, and juggle personalized web packages—ones that all pass Copyscape. Yes, I’ve been swamped, but happily busy and loving every second of it. When I decline friends and family for lunch and dinner dates I happily quote Karl “People who do a job that claims to be creative have to be alone to recharge their batteries. You can’t live 24 hours a day in the spotlight and remain creative. For people like me, solitude is a victory.” Don’t worry, I still love you all, I’m just focused.

My clients are awesome, especially Foxy, and her items are unique, creative, and of a great quality. I know for a fact—I have some of her purses in my closet right now! If you like her store, find out more or follow along kiddies: @foxyvintage.

“The woman is the most perfect doll that I have dressed with delight and admiration.”
— Karl Lagerfeld

So yesssss, this post is “advertising,” but only for the best… you love me, get over it.

Happy Friday. New nonfiction to come.

Feel free to email me with your needs if you’d like descriptions for your website:

The Man I’m In Love With

I’ve written poems for him. He’s innovative, incredibly creative, unique, marvelous to speak to and easy to learn from.  A friend of mine asked me the other day “if I even knew what I’d look for in a man if I were looking?” I suppose he meant to inquire about what the most attractive attributes the man I’d love and marry and potentially cook butterbuns in the oven for would have. I realized I hadn’t put too much thought into “Superman,” and who can ever be exactly correct in saying, but after a bit of thought some of those qualities and traits might be:

  1. Artistic
  2. Intelligent
  3. Honest
  4. Funny
  5. Eclectic
  6. Ambitious/Driven/Goal Oriented
  7. Empathetic
  8. Observant
  9. Level-headed
  10. Reliable
  11. Open Minded
  12. Respectful
  13. Faithful
  14. Experienced
  15. Expressive

As far as physical attributes he’d be handsome, a cul-de-sac type of smile that turns you around in a complete circle, pretty teeth, polished and well-put together look. He’d be well-dressed, confident, successful, and know how to take care of his family. What do you all look for in a significant lover?

I suppose the man I am in love with is also either the creator of these Lace Up Skate Boots (which I loOove more than any) or he is a fictional character that just doesn’t exist. I can’t tell which.

It’s all just a mosaic, when you seem to be losing

You haven’t heard from me because ahhh, I’m battling a few things. It’s all just a mosaic, you know when you seem to be losing.

I finished the tangerine and cerulean colored mosaic heels and they are for sale. $50 or best offer– originals. And they are gorgeous. Email me if you’d like more information about them. Light pink carnations, beige babies, bare yellow, and money green ones will be available soon.

A 25 page critical paper— I seem to be losing, but with fighting mentors in my corner I’ll be fine. Thanks Terry Wolverton and Robert Fox!

Memoir is pulling along… I’ve coined the term: Juno meets Eat.Pray.Love. with a lot of Sex and mistakes. I cannot believe the rough draft is almost complete. Thanks to Alistair McCartney for line by line edits when my brain wakes up empty.

My new little princess is getting acclimated. As you can see in this post, she goes on her pad without any trouble. She is housebroken in a week and a half, although you can tell by the pictures, she has no idea that she is indeed a puppy— she is certain that she’s a human.

I’m submitting, so far two rejections. I cried at first. What if I don’t have tough enough skin for a form rejection—email? Lol.

I really am doing some spring cleaning, trying to have less sick days and more healthy days.

O, and mini me, got a bad report card. So I’m dealing with that. Apparently he’d rather be cute, than intelligent…conversation went like this:

Me: So which subjects are hard for you, honey, because maybe we can get you some tutoring or some type of help?

Son: None of them.

Me: So what you’re saying is none of the subjects pose any difficulty, nonetheless, you have succeeded in bringing me home by far the worst report card in your eleven year old history? (I’ve heard if you rephrase the question you may warrant a different response)

Son: {Quiet stare down at his wrist— which reads in red ink I LOVE GIRLZ)

Me: What the?? (looks down, shakes head)

All of his privileges have been revoked until further notice and I’ve added chores. So THIS explains my lack of focus, I suppose. I am participating in April’s Poem a day, but I’m not posting them because they’re all going in for this contest.

O, the things I’d do for love

This one. Takes the cake. The icing. I’d brave stomach aches for these entitled The Frame by United Nude. I’d prance around the kitchen cookin’ lemon chicken. I’d take them for a walk out on the town, nails and toenails flawless black matte like Nostalgia ——> Sometimes. I am finding, you have to make your dreams come true. So with that being said, anybody got $545 I can borrow forever? Happy Tuesday my good people.

  • New FICTION stories coming up! {I’m trying my luck, cause why not?}
  • I’m working on my critical paper, STILL
  • I wrote a research article, hopefully more to come… waiting to hear back from my copy editor on how that went. ;-/
  • I’m reading new books and posting them at Goodreads— if you have an account please follow me/so I can follow what you’re reading!

Breakfast Potatoes and A Waste of My Time

Some things don’t go right first try, or second, or third.

But what about ever?

Is there a point where you give up? I was taught that you never give up, especially on dreams. O another near miss. Today I received the nicest “no,” for a position I was solicited for. How does that happen you ask? Somebody tells somebody that they know somebody and then… that somebody calls my phone thinking I’m somebody I never told them I was. She said she was looking for all of these things that’re directly displayed in my undergraduate degree in Organizational Management, again… sweetest pie of a lady.

First off she was late. Not ten minutes, but over thirty. The gal at the front had given me paperwork to fill out as usual with interviews, lalalala. I was psyched because the company is well-known, pretty much up my alley and after my experiences working in Visual Merchandising for Forever21 and Abercrombie and Fitch, I pretty much had it all. Except maybe whatever she was looking for. When she approached me I was still filling out the paperwork as I tend to be most detailed on the page. She invites me to continue working. Anywho… She waits a few tables down, I finish and approach the table.

We wander off in Visuals, Fashion, and finally the detail: Management conversation. As soon as I heard the word management I began to skiddle off checking out her blouse the buttons, her hair, the table adjacent, the fabric, the texture, everything I’d learned told me that she was not in Fashion herself, nonetheless she looked polished. I wore my dainty pale suit, matching pale earrings, pastel socks, beige heels, one pink crystal ring, and my Banana Republic slacks. I carried my portfolio, tea cup, and my rainy day smile. Although I have marketing and management experience I neglected to (purposely) put that on my resume and paperwork because truth be told; I don’t want another stressful management position… and as picky would have it- if I’m going to be stressed out about a job, it’ll be A. my own company, or B. at least a position in managing something with an emphasis in Fashion or Writing. C’mon… it’s my heart and soul. The reason I went into Fashion Writing, Fashion Merchandising, and stayed up wee hours in the super-morning dressing mannequins, cursing when the arm or leg fell off. I love to style a mannequin as much as I love to write stories.

Conversation speeds to an end. Just as I felt the meeting to be going well she whips out the actual position she’s looking to fill: … Store Management. Heart drops. Not Merchandise Manager, Product Description Writer, Fashion Guru– but Manager. Basic. She refers me a few places. I veer off again wishing I wouldn’t have wasted my gloomy morning excited about an opportunity that didn’t end up being what I thought it was. All of the fashion articles, the window displays, the artsy fartsy things I’ve done… and everyone wants to offer me up bland and basic. I’ve managed a Sales Team: Marketing and Promotions, I’ve managed a Health Club: Member Retention and 55+ Classes, and I’ve worked in writing, fashion, and mentored students. All exciting. She wants me to manage a store and tells me that because of my experience in Fashion and because my management experience is a few years behind me that I am not a good candidate. How nice. Really? How nice.

Back to submitting my work. Heck, I’m on overload nearing exertion anyway.

I’ve worked with amazing people and once even worked in an impossible setting of horrid treatment for over 4 years, and I’ve always been a big fierce compliant “by-the-book” Professional. Whyever can’t things work out for me, just once? O that and I made my favorite comfort food onion breakfast potatoes, with a side of grapes, turkey sausage, and warm tea. I sure hope my luck gets, better.

Pastel Juicy Couture Original Collector’s Ed. Charms for Sale!

Wonderful is the day when you can share. Sharing is caring, y’know? These showstopping beauties are brand new in box, über cuteness. You should totally click on the picture and buy one for $40, or rather the whole collection. They’re so adorable. Smoooooochies!!!

ALL FOR SALE $40 a piece
7 pieces for sale!
RARE not in stores
They’re all collector’s editions!!!!

Update: Some of these have sold. Please email me at for the Limited Editions that are left.

Not sleepwalking

“The very reason I write is so that I might not sleepwalk through my entire life.”
— Zadie Smith

Although, I just might if I’m walkin’ in with these bad boys by Haus Maus. These glittery fantasicas have no feeling; just a raw irreplaceable pair of perfection. Somebody wanna click the donate button? Like yesterday?

I’m currently writing a 25-page critical paper, reading four books simultaneously, editing and revising my memoir, writing a press release, all while playing with my son and newborn puppy…very eventful.

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