Earth Girls For The Win! Foxy Vintage

My client Foxy Vintage and I have a wonderful real-ationship. She has the prettiest vintage wears. Like no, really vintage, and they’re utterly gorgeous. And I… am lucky enough to have been hired to tell the world about them.

As her Fashion Description Writer, I’ve created many fashionably elevated stories designed to add emphasis to her already perky designs. And O heavens was it fun!

I talk about jumpers, skirts, and cardigans like these:








I had to find a way to blend my love for fashion as I’ve worked as a Visual Merchandiser at Forever21, and in Visual Merchandising for Abercrombie & Fitch as well. Fashion Styling was great, but my love, my ultimate love… is in Web Work and Writing. I gathered a few associates and we teamed up as Editors, and now we take clients that would like SEO rich fashion or product descriptions to enhance their websites. I have found the perfect balance.

In this post I have to give thanks to those few that have worked tirelessly to help me meet deadlines, and juggle personalized web packages—ones that all pass Copyscape. Yes, I’ve been swamped, but happily busy and loving every second of it. When I decline friends and family for lunch and dinner dates I happily quote Karl “People who do a job that claims to be creative have to be alone to recharge their batteries. You can’t live 24 hours a day in the spotlight and remain creative. For people like me, solitude is a victory.” Don’t worry, I still love you all, I’m just focused.

My clients are awesome, especially Foxy, and her items are unique, creative, and of a great quality. I know for a fact—I have some of her purses in my closet right now! If you like her store, find out more or follow along kiddies: @foxyvintage.

“The woman is the most perfect doll that I have dressed with delight and admiration.”
— Karl Lagerfeld

So yesssss, this post is “advertising,” but only for the best… you love me, get over it.

Happy Friday. New nonfiction to come.

Feel free to email me with your needs if you’d like descriptions for your website:

It’s all just a mosaic, when you seem to be losing

You haven’t heard from me because ahhh, I’m battling a few things. It’s all just a mosaic, you know when you seem to be losing.

I finished the tangerine and cerulean colored mosaic heels and they are for sale. $50 or best offer– originals. And they are gorgeous. Email me if you’d like more information about them. Light pink carnations, beige babies, bare yellow, and money green ones will be available soon.

A 25 page critical paper— I seem to be losing, but with fighting mentors in my corner I’ll be fine. Thanks Terry Wolverton and Robert Fox!

Memoir is pulling along… I’ve coined the term: Juno meets Eat.Pray.Love. with a lot of Sex and mistakes. I cannot believe the rough draft is almost complete. Thanks to Alistair McCartney for line by line edits when my brain wakes up empty.

My new little princess is getting acclimated. As you can see in this post, she goes on her pad without any trouble. She is housebroken in a week and a half, although you can tell by the pictures, she has no idea that she is indeed a puppy— she is certain that she’s a human.

I’m submitting, so far two rejections. I cried at first. What if I don’t have tough enough skin for a form rejection—email? Lol.

I really am doing some spring cleaning, trying to have less sick days and more healthy days.

O, and mini me, got a bad report card. So I’m dealing with that. Apparently he’d rather be cute, than intelligent…conversation went like this:

Me: So which subjects are hard for you, honey, because maybe we can get you some tutoring or some type of help?

Son: None of them.

Me: So what you’re saying is none of the subjects pose any difficulty, nonetheless, you have succeeded in bringing me home by far the worst report card in your eleven year old history? (I’ve heard if you rephrase the question you may warrant a different response)

Son: {Quiet stare down at his wrist— which reads in red ink I LOVE GIRLZ)

Me: What the?? (looks down, shakes head)

All of his privileges have been revoked until further notice and I’ve added chores. So THIS explains my lack of focus, I suppose. I am participating in April’s Poem a day, but I’m not posting them because they’re all going in for this contest.

I’m so Super. Ficial.

“Say your skin is a wreck, your fingernails are raggedy, your feet look like you’ve been running marathons barefoot, your hairdresser doesn’t even know your name anymore, much less style your hair, and your closet looks like it came straight from wardrobe on the set of an ‘80’s sitcom. What does that say about you? Nothing nice, I’ll tell you that much. To a man – hell to anyone looking – it practically screams, “My face, my body, and my clothes are nothing special – completely unworthy of anyone’s time and attention, even my own.” However, a woman who clearly looks likes she takes the time to care for her self – gets facials and manicures (or if she can’t afford to go to the spa, creates her own spa at home), applies makeup in a way that is natural and appealing, wears a hairstyle that is flattering and clothes and shoes that are stylish—makes a statement, “I really like me, and you should know by looking at me that I do.” Men appreciate women who value themselves, because it generally means that those women are happy with who they are and place a premium on their self-worth. We don’t mind telling you you’re beautiful, for sure. But if we’re going to be in a relationship with you, we don’t want to have to be responsible for you liking you. That’s way too much work for any man to assume, and rather than imagine ourselves doing all that heavy lifting, we’ll just move on to the woman who looks like she can handle caring for and about herself on her own.” –Steve Harvey, Straight Talk, No Chaser: Presentation is Everything.

It’s natural growing up that we learn, “it’s what’s inside that counts,” and “attraction isn’t everything,” but it’s also refreshing when a summation of  indirect superficialities is gathered, within good reason. It is valid and I stand by it humbly. I stand by presentation being everything and it being as important as chemistry and compatibility is to a relationship. It is the idea that a man must take pride in himself– enough to take care of himself. It is the reason I love poetry and fashion. The mind and the body in a mental and physical state. The reason I love to get to know everyone (regardless of if I’m interested or not, every person has something they can teach me), and it is also the reason my ex and I aren’t together anymore. He failed to take care of himself.

They say you have to love yourself incase no one else will. But the catch is, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a person to love you after you’ve so magnificently mastered the art of not loving yourself enough to never get or keep their attention. I’m not saying to sprinkle narcissism on your breakfast, but I am saying that fruit, honey, or sugar will affect the taste.

You have to love you so well that you show someone else how you need to be loved.

Photo by Jessica at Such Pretty Things.

Live What You Love

If there are two things I wish so badly that I could have known when I was ten years younger they would be:

  1. How to set a goal and stick to it and still love myself if it fails.
  2. How to Live What I Love: Fashion, Writing, and Personally.

I ran into this magical person yesterday. Sometimes it’s just when you feel you’ve hit every low, every bottom, every blow-bubbling pouty-lip- it’s just then that you meet a person who attempts to put everything in perspective for you. He explained to me that he’d been married some oddly wild number of years and been a millionaire owning more than 30+ properties, highs/lows, etc. and that once things went sour for his business etc. that his wife– left him because “women like security,” true, very true. But this story isn’t about him or his millions flowing out of the plane as his wife flew away. No. This story is about living what you LOVE and coming to terms with who you are.

I’m superficial. I mean, superficial to the extent of someone being attractive to me personally, and everyone’s attraction to someone is different… by different I mean unique. By unique I mean often times “my type” fluctuates but has a general standard. I fail to realize this standard because I’m busy and because I’m generally ashamed to admit how superficial I am. Case and point:

Not too long ago a friend of mine were having a “girl’s night out,” when she interrupted my blurting mouth with:

Her: “Grrrrrrl, did you see him?”

Me: “Who?”

Her: “That one, don’t look now, but over there… I thought for sure you’d seen him because he is… {insert dreamy batting eyes}”

Me: “Nuh-uh”


So as I looked around frantically I still didn’t see him. Looked around again, (o so not discreetly) and still had no clue about who it was she was desperately seeking attention from. The fact was that after a few moments, I gave up and changed the subject and the night carried on but the entire time I was secretly trying not to seem dense to figure out the inside joke of who it was (exactly) that was so “dreamerly” to her. I finally narrowed it down to a problem with my own eyes. I couldn’t even “see” her type because it was not my own. I couldn’t notice the person she noticed because my eyes weren’t at all trained to notice as poignantly as if he had been say– my type, ahem.. ahem…  Adam Rodriguez. Just for example.

Which leads me back to the coffee shop…

The man kept coming up with these stories of love, faithfulness, kindness, randomness, he went on about how there was no coincidence. Then comes his Jesus spiel. Of Course it were. He was very interesting. {I meet interesting. Lol.} But even through it all it was the message of pushing through despite the adversity, carrying along through huffs and puffs. I thought about how he had said he had to sleep in his car and how nonchalant he was about it all. How he mentioned anxiety, panic, growth, love, confusion, career, children, finances, and loving what it is that you do all before he knew a thing about me.

Additionally I was inspired by two blog posts by a writer named Jozen who once wrote about not dating a woman unless he was one of the best looking guys she’d ever dated, and also his take on not broadening your horizons.

“If anything, when a man says something like what I’m saying, when a man is encouraging women to go out there and date the man they find themselves staring at for an inappropriate amount of time, ‘they should feel empowered and go forth. Not just because I say so, but because that’s how I’m living my life and I must say, dating someone you’re very attracted to, someone who is beautiful in your eyes and is so fine you can watch her just sleep, it’s a pretty good feeling. It’s a pretty good feeling for me and it’s a pretty good feeling for her.” -Jozen

I absolutely love good thoughts and inspiration. I love to read things that teach me a bit more about what is inside of me.

The more I find out about myself the more I realize the steps I’ve missed. I haven’t yet learned myself enough to live in everything that I love, partly because so much of me still needs to be discovered. I realized that I have finally begun to touch on what that is. Loving and accepting my standards, my goals, my talents, and myself.

Original picture recommended found from the wonderful Library Adventures via original Limited Edition print from Heartfish Press.


Pastel Juicy Couture Original Collector’s Ed. Charms for Sale!

Wonderful is the day when you can share. Sharing is caring, y’know? These showstopping beauties are brand new in box, über cuteness. You should totally click on the picture and buy one for $40, or rather the whole collection. They’re so adorable. Smoooooochies!!!

ALL FOR SALE $40 a piece
7 pieces for sale!
RARE not in stores
They’re all collector’s editions!!!!

Update: Some of these have sold. Please email me at for the Limited Editions that are left.

My paintings are for sale

My paintings are now for sale! My paintings are now for sale! This one is the first. It is an original.  The others I’ll soon be putting up on the website. You may click the picture or go to my store to place an order with me. They are acrylic on canvas. Some oil pastels.

And for the sarcastic, hilarious, laugh at life… here’s Sugar to Shit.

And for the abstract, here’s a floral sunrise for you that really is a whimsical sherbet in passionate subtlety.

Shooting my gun!


Man what? Man who? Today I reupholstered my kitchen chairs, all by my “big-girl-self!” Yei! They already had an antique shabby chic look to them–I just gave them a spin. My fabric was Paris inspired because of my recent obsession. The pastels, the romanticism. Ahhhh, one of these days I’ll get there.


The job?? It was easssy! Well, actually. I purchased (a cheap $11) stapler from Home Depot because I figured that reupholstering some chairs shouldn’t be too hard–nothing heavy duty needed. That was until the stapler began to talk back to me. It said “no, no, no, maybe, nah, not hungry, not yet,” then it regurgitated back into the air all of my staples. They flung across the room. I shook my head and kept talking to myself.


I drove all the way back to Home Depot for the second time without thought because I consistently purchase defective items. I brought with me both the staple gun I’d purchased and the staple gun my friend let me borrow. I asked the guy down the aisle for help; he was already staring down at my bag. He had those black wood like-piercings in his ear so that’s really all I can remember about him.


He quickly grabbed the first staple gun from me and loaded it while explaining to me how often things are easier than we make them out to be. I’m guessing the flustered look on my face gave me away.


“Naw, you’re good,” he said as I apologize and thank him for being able to get the whole jizz working and again after I thank him for being so sweet after I had to ask him for something so seemingly simple.


I handle the rest of my business for the day and return back to my reupholstery project. I may not know something but I will gladly find out. Hmph!

After I got the hang of my self-taught DIY, I start going on the trigger like it’s the unforgivable. I fire off about 20 staples in the back of the poor chair- tightly wrapping the beige fabric over the front like a Christmas present. I started with the back of the other chair and found it to be very therapeutic. The entire time I’m feeling stronger and more empowered. So easily amused, I know.

Sometimes I wish my life were the staple gun neatly shooting perfects into a chair being reupholstered. Unfortunately my life is actually the poor chair. All cushion, no legs.




A Fashion/Writer’s Vanity Mirror

Lalanii has begun her own organizational efforts in an attempt to make good and silent with her mind. Such has had no luck thus far, but the outcome is a very pretty vanity counter nonetheless.

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