Available For

  • Creative Writing Assignments
  1. Nonfiction: Receive complete feedback on your story in writing: including perspective, confusion, copy editing, style, voice, and additional suggestions.
  2. Custom Poetry: Have a hard time putting your feelings to words? Lalanii creates custom poems on any topic. Please provide a paragraph/conversation of concrete detail, and wait for your custom idea!
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Funeral Verbiage/Obituaries
  • Special Occasions: Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Congratulations
  • Business Proposals
  • Mentor
  1. For your troubled teen
  2. Writer’s Block
  • Open Mics
  1. Spoken Word Poetry
  2. Nonsensical Reading
  • Fashion Styling/Writing
  • Need help with that perfect date outfit? Have a hard time finding your style or clothes you are most comfortable in?
  • (Men or Women) Just give me your ideal budget and time frame and we’ll set up your personal make over! Please email me with details.
  • Please see fashion Portfolio
  • Fashion Product Description Writer

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