Memorial Services

Happy Birthday

sunkissed mango kisses

nonchalantly made the stars envious

oblivious to your wow

you are sun up sun down still busy being beautiful

miasma of lavender lily and red blushed rose gardens galore

cause you’d do us one more

make us dark “dream green roses” with such easy


ma. You are delightful

ma. You must have wings


smile now. laugh later,

why cry? Smiling’s better

CENTERFOLD. Picturesque

made of amazing and magic

you are so radical

double-wammi magnificent.

that if I could just sit at your wisdom a bit

or soak up your consistencies

you potent purposeful perfect


like air and emeralds.

you trump diamonds.

and build sunshine bridges ) )

and sew up tiny residuals to make epiphanies

and you make it look EaSy


you make the best of something.

you listen so well to my nothing.

you keep the best company.

and there is… hold your seat. This essence of you

so sweet jellybeans are jealous

strawberry shortcakes got selfish

and apple pie don’t know why it ain’t as sweet

you could calm anything with just a simple please

you are crazy interesting

that you could bring me down to bite size with sprinkles.

and now I know where twilight got its’ twinkles.

your eyes. your eyes.

are what unbelievable believes.

Happy Birthday Mama ‘Lizabeth.

With more love than anyone can hold,
Your baby’s baby girl.
Written in 2006, In memory of Mama Elizabeth’s Life: Elizabeth E. Nelson 1917-2011

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