There was once a dream and in it;

Dale was a bow tie, Marc was a collar tie

whom which once they danced…


never stopped.


I’d often suspect that that brand of happiness

wanders dimensions like rock stars,

catch and no release.


You know, Kisses with trackbacks

insanely twirling like kaleidoscopic

butterflies under navy blue skies.


And those two dress ties would play joyful games of tennis,

cook immaculate dishes

and still make time to shop at CB2.


You see, if you’ve ever seen them together:

there’s their smiles and then there’s the glow in their smiles-

I could magnify it twice and it wouldn’t show it’s true size.


Today I stand here,

happy to say that they’ve finally found their why’s

and such calls the birds to chirp worse with jealousy.


Yes, today they are bound

sewn like stone licorice

in a love that walks through concrete


floats in faint whispers…

in mornings that will continue

to redefine decades.


It will carry written fairy tales in the orchards that shall now

grow from the candlelight in their hearts;

in their home.


You see if you’ve ever seen them together:

you know that something special hit capacity

and is cascading watercolors


to be ever and always…


Dale as a bowtie, Marc as a collar tie

longer than you both shall live and then,

back around again.


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