“It is in his pleasures that a man really lives, it is from his leisure that he constructs the true fabric of self.”

The above title is a quote from Dinty Moore’s Craft book, as said by Charles Lamn and Sir Walter Scott in a contemplative essay by Agnes Repplier.

In the middle of acquiring two new Fashion Product description clients—thanks guys, I’m looking forward, I took a moment to breathe, and look at my pretty frikkin pup:

You gave me a treat-treat now shoo yourself away

She’s adorbs. My absolute love.

O, and about the size of my cordless phone (but 2 lbs, 10 ounces) and full-grown.

She keeps thinking she’s a bulldozer when she barks, so I got her the perfect t-shirt today.

She's BOSSY. She's the first girl to scream at the motorcycle!

 And then, if I didn’t jump out of my heartbeat enough looking at her cuteness—

she decided she didn’t wanna be photogenic for her Mom this afternoon.

No Mom, I'm just not gonna look, I'm just not gonna

Often, I think she’s even smarter than I am; just look at this face—studious.

Now if she can just get these edits done for me all will be well.

Mom's Gyrrrl


Heaven is… taking time for yourself

I am juggling so many things that I’ve decided to take a little time off to:

  • submit, submit, submit
  • complete critical paper
  • work on re-doing a few annotations/3 new ones
  • finish my discussions
  • write chapters 9 and epilogue of memoir!!! Ahhhhh!
  • edit memoir
  • attempt to slow down and enjoy, hope for good health

Thanks to everyone who emailed about my writing, and for everyone who encourages me to work harder and get better! I love you!

I’m going to get some fresh air!

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