O, the things I’d do for love

This one. Takes the cake. The icing. I’d brave stomach aches for these entitled The Frame by United Nude. I’d prance around the kitchen cookin’ lemon chicken. I’d take them for a walk out on the town, nails and toenails flawless black matte like Nostalgia ——> Sometimes. I am finding, you have to make your dreams come true. So with that being said, anybody got $545 I can borrow forever? Happy Tuesday my good people.

  • New FICTION stories coming up! {I’m trying my luck, cause why not?}
  • I’m working on my critical paper, STILL
  • I wrote a research article, hopefully more to come… waiting to hear back from my copy editor on how that went. ;-/
  • I’m reading new books and posting them at Goodreads— if you have an account please follow me/so I can follow what you’re reading!
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