My writerlyish wayward

There’s so much on my plate I’m overstuffed. I want to eat it all. Have everything. Right now. I suppose what happens eventually is burnout—lack of focus, so I guess I’m there. Never once in my life have I ever felt this *deflated* I need something to look forward to, get excited about, something that changes my life entirely. So what did I do? Signed up for a timeshare. Hawaii. Don’t laugh.

Today, I tried McDonalds’ new Frozen Strawberry Lemonade. A tad on the tart side, but if you like lemonheads… I’m in the house, three electric fans on moi} loft-like bay windows wide> some whip cream and strawberries~~ and if the rest of my critical paper ideas don’t come out I will enlist a glass of wine on my team to assist. How ya like them apples? Err, grapes?

Speaking to my dad the other day warranted a bit of thought: I am 2.5 degrees into my career: 4 years of marketing, 2 yr. psychology school drop-out to accept my writerlyish dreams, 3 years of sales, 5 year executive assistant/coordinator, 1.5 yr. fashion writer/stylist , and 10 year creative writing blogger, and now what? I ask him. His answer something along the lines of this quote:

Men for the sake of getting a living forget to live.”  ~Margaret Fuller

And there she has it.

I continue reading memoir. Guess what else I’m going to do?                     Nothing.

Picture from The Book of Origami by Isaac Salazar
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