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Don’t you just hate it when people start sentences and don’t finish them?

  • Go back on their word?
  • How close is make-believe to lies?
  • Leave the toilet seat up so I can fall my tail in?
  • Trip wires… have we asked questions that we thought we knew the answers to?
  • Have your answers changed?
  • Lately, perhaps?
  • But as long as they were creative?
  • Are you breathing into a wrinkled brown bag about it right now?
  • Were you swamped in papers, falling asleep across the laptop, or delegating deadlines to your writers?
  • How was it really?
  • All about perspective or perseverance?
  • Respect or reciprocity?
  • Love or adoration?
  • Have you tried cooking with avocado oil—it’s so frikkin yummy>?
  • Hook line or sunk and I don’t fail anything. What have you done?
  • Was it everything or nothing and did you give it up screaming or jumping, a run-on sentence or bluffing, an agent or self-publishing? What are my choices again? Why do I wake up with these words in my head in my head in my head all the day long?
  • P.s the book is done. Watch out world here I, uhm?

P.s. Shhsssshhhhhhh My writing web store is opening soon!!!


You Called To Ask Me When I Was Coming Home, And When I Reminded You That I Wasn’t Coming Home, You Sounded So Disappointed That I Decided To Come Home

My boss called me into her office the day before yesterday to tell me that my contract would not be extended and that I would be let go.

“Like, fired?” I said.

Amazing how I now have a degree in writing and simple words I am unable to understand.

The boss whose dry silence, wry smiles, and wit I’ve admired and loved since the second I interviewed.  The boss whose simple style, and whose kindness, patience, and intelligence are unmatched. The boss who stared through me coldly and said sorry pinching her eyebrows together as if the word had no meaning. The boss who said it had nothing to do with my performance, but rather due to budget cuts in her department. I’ve been in her seat, I know how this goes.

Your friends and family behave like there’s been a funeral when you say you’ve lost your job:

“OoOoo I’m so sorry.”

“This too shall pass.”

“You have been through so much, I’m sure everything will be fine.”

And someone did die a little. And I won’t be. Fine. And although I have a separate writing and fashion description company that I run on nights and weekends complete with interns and quote requests—I still love my day job. Loved. I had a blissful few weeks. I’ve graduated. I gave a wonderful senior lecture, and had a fantastic final reading. My Manuscript Thesis is 201 pages. I am also very apparently unemployed.

So I am available for hire: I have an updated resume and a full suit. I have over ten years experience, and a Master’s degree in writing. I even have a closet helper, although she looks about as sad about this as I am.

Lalanii R. Grant, M.F.A











Title Quote by: David Levithan

Our Willingness To Wait Reveals The Value We Place On The Object We’re Waiting For

“Actually, I’m unable to wait can I speak to your manager?” I’m such a broad sometimes. This is the reason my credit card company has miraculously ‘forgotten’ to send my new credit card out and I was without petty cash for two weeks. Lovely. I’m busy, I don’t have 87 breaks I can take from […]

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Choose What To Keep

So, my real feelings are: Disappointment and fear. My face says: 🙂 “If you want something to last forever, you treat it differently. You shield it and protect it. You never abuse it. You don’t expose it to the elements. You don’t make it common or ordinary. If it ever becomes tarnished, you lovingly polish […]

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Mad Passionate Love, I Say, Mad Mad Mad

Trust myself in the process. Through the process. Have faith in another person’s choices. Because if it weren’t possible; if people couldn’t change for the better (or potentially even the worse) all the psychiatrists on this wide universe would be out of business. Side of the road. Luggage in hand. And let me tell you, I’ve […]

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Thanks For Reading My Mind, Couldn’t Have Done So Better Myself

I met a girl in Forever21 yesterday.  Cute, skinny, brown chic with high energy and style. I was twirling in the mirror as I asked her (of two non-matching pieces) ‘if this looked right.’ Of course, she had my style, so the answer was ‘yea girl you could do that.’ We got to talking.   […]

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This Is The Problem I Want To Have

We’re all seeking that special person who is right for us. But if you’ve been through enough relationships, you begin to suspect there’s no right person, just different flavors of wrong. Why is this? Because you yourself are wrong in some way, and you seek out partners who are wrong in some complementary way. But […]

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What Happy Is

Walking up, she knows my coffee “Aren’t you happy it’s Friday?” Writing late, when edits are finally ready, his voice mails. When I know I can. Like-minded individuals. The Weeknd; the singer and the ending of a busy week. If you haven’t heard this guy, go jump. A clean living room, never mind the rest […]

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Try as I might, I can’t get any relaxation. This is the spa I’ve been dreaming of. MmmMMmm. Business is good. School is ending. Life is happily full of ruckus. But what am I dreaming of? Relaxation. Kay Redfield Jamison said in“An Unquiet Mind,”  “We all move uneasily within our own restraints.” Maybe I cried […]

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It’s Better To Be Absolutely Ridiculous Than Absolutely Boring

Having a shitterific day. How are you? Broke my cell this week and only some contacts carried over to the new one. If I had your number and you haven’t spoken to me in a while… it’s likely I don’t have your number any more which means we aren’t going to be friends much now […]

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